FOR ALL PUPPIES OF THIS PAGE….. Your puppy comes complete with a health guarantee.  Up to date Shot record, Vet Health Certificate, a med size Travel Airline approved crate. a Collar with Lead and a Sweater when weather needs it.  Food pac on the crate with additional information. AKC papers are available with full breeding rights for $500.  If you do not purchase papers, your puppy is purchased as pet only without breeding rights and all males will be neutered at 8 weeks.  In order to hold your puppy a deposit of $500 is required it will be credited toward your total before shipping.  For Deposit information call 417-436-2267  or E-mail  BestCrested@gmail.com



Powderpuff Male

My name is Matt I was born on  October 6. I’m a fuzzy little boy Powderpuff  with erect ears that might still need a bit of training but they frame my head rather nicely, I think .     I’m on the small side and should be about 8 to 9 pounds when I grow up.  I have a wonderful disposition and I an already neutered so I am not apt to do that bad boy thing,  you know, lifting my leg.  I would make a perfect Pet.   I love people, I love to play and I’m great at giving kisses.

my price tag is $1200.00 SPECIAL price $600.00 + shipping $300.00

Now, that’s a heck of a deal, because I love me and I’m sure you will too.

Powderpuff Male

Now I am a big boy even at my age and I was born on Dec 1.  They named me URI but you can call me just about anything as long as you have a treat for me because I do love to eat.  I am Mr Gorgeous so they should have named me George.  I have a Blue eye and a Green eye and I can strut my stuff as the best man in the town with my white vest and boots not to mention the white tip of my tail. My black body and white face lets me stand out in a crowd.  I could be at hit at any party and i am waiting for the indentation. 

My price is $1200.00  plus 600 for my beautiful eyes making it $1800.00 plus shipping.      SPECIAL PRICE   $1200.00


Powderpuff Girl

One eye blue one eye brown one side white one side dark that makes me a well balanced puppy.  I tried to play with the rainbow monkey but that was no fun but I could go to your house and play in your toy room.  I was born on Dec 1 and that makes my old enough to run away from home or it is find a new home?  I sure would make a nice pet for you I practicing already chasing feet biting toes- you know the things that all puppies are born knowing.   with my beautiful blue eye my price is $300 above book which is 1200.00 for a puff making. 

My price tag is $1500.00 plus shipping     SPECIAL PRICE  $1200



PowderPuff Male

My name is Odis and you can probably guess I was born on Oct 6 and am the biggest of us boys.  So I give myself the credit of being the big brother and that comes with responsibilities. You know the saying, ‘the bigger the better,’ than I must be better but I am very dignified  about it.  I will probably grow up to be about 12 lbs and I have a good start.  I am already neutered and the stitches are out so I am looking for my airplane ticket home.  My dad taught me how to use the dogie door so I know that I should go out side to do my things.  My brothers are not big enough yet to play in dad’s man cave.         SPECIAL PRICE $600.00

I am a Cute little Hairless boy 

My Name is Alvin.  I was born 2-7-18. Although I share it with my Siblings its still MY birthday.   I look just like my dad and will probably be his size which is about 9 lbs …… I am called a hairy hairless but I really do not have too much hair just enough to make me hansom when I grow up and want to have great flash,  Whatever that is?    My price tag is $2500. and since my grandfather is a Champion that’s not so bad.    Guess that means I have good DNA

PowderPuff Male

I guess I am just another puff boy, BUT at least I ma a Special One Because i have A Beautiful  Blue eye.  I am showing you my best profile instead of my great pedigree.  My name is Cody.   If I was a French Poodle it could Cody De’Blue.   My price is $1200.00  

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