Save the BEE’s


A well known fact is that we all Love a Mystery, however this mystery is one that affects every living thing on this planet and most are totally unaware of it.  Albert Einstein stated so many years ago, “if you Loose the BEES you loose Humans.”   Because of the ‘Domino Effect’ this statement can be enlarged to include ALL LIVING THINGS. The FACT is that Bees Pollinate 90% of all the food you and All Living creatures consume daily to sustain Life.

Numerous research institutions have attempted to solve the mystery of the Vanishing Bees but they are still disappearing at a rate faster than they have the ability to regenerate. It takes individuals like you and facility like our’s to encourage the bee population by cultivating Queens and providing a safe Haven for them to collect the necessary ingredients that produce the magical substance called “RAW HONEY BEE HONEY.”  At least 75% of the product called Honey in your local store never saw a honey bee.  Honey cannot be produced unless a bee pollinated the sugar plants that is the ingredient of store bought honey. However the Honey Bee did not produce that honey.  There are not enough bees left to produce that much honey and if you want real bee’s honey produced by the honey bee you have to go to your farmers markets of install your own hive in your back yard.  This is what we encourage you to do to help save the bees.

If you do not have the time or available to install your own hive of honey bees than we ask you to do your part to help us do the job for you.   You can do that by supporting our discount store and purchase All your Amazon items through a link on the Discount Store page.  AMAZON 

For more detail information on the Honey bees including what a fascinating insect they really and what lessons we could learn from them if we stopped long enough to listen to them with their cry for help.  is the official website of QueenBee Haven.

On October 2016 seven species if Bees were added to the endangered species list and by doing that it also added the human race and all life on this planet to the same list.  This is a serious problem because one day into the current administration, the entire bill was STOMPED along with government grants to support research and projects to improve the survival of our bee population and thus our planet.

We are one of the unfortunate candidates requesting a research grant that got caught up in the denial paper factory.  Out of respect of Mankind, Mother nature and the Universal Creator we are launching a program to enlarge our already active effort to Save the Honey Bee.  We are enlisting your help in the effort to help you, help us help the bees.