All puppies are evaluated by the AKC Standard and priced according to their individual qualities. Hairless are $2500.00 and Powderpuffs are $1200.00. This price list is a Standard pricing but does not always reflect the true value of each puppy.   I add $ for x small I minus $ for too large.  I add $ for Blue eyes.​  I minus $ Curly hair.  I charge for Breeding Rights and that is only with FULL AKC registrations.   ALL males without Full AKC registrations and neutered at 8 weeks of age.  I reserve the right to price each puppy as I see the puppy.  Personality and attitude matter.  

You may pick up your puppy or we can ship your puppy.   My preferred method of shipping is that I meet you at the airport where you are introduced to your new family member who joins you as a passenger and flies home with you.

Your puppy can be shipped as live cargo, which means that the airlines has a special cargo unit that is the same as the passenger area and your pet is in a heated climate controlled area for the flight.  The airlines are well equipped and trained to take care of your puppy.  In my 25 years of shipping i have shipped them all over the globe and they always arrive in fine fashion. 

I ship early in the morning and your puppy is home in about 4 to 6 hours.   The cost of shipping is $300.00  which includes the airline approved crate suitable to its size the health certificate required for it to ship and the boarding pass.   

The airline I use the most is American and I sometime use Delta or United.

No! We are not 


We are Chinese Cresteds


   We are not Chinese

We are your perfect pet