Hairless and PowderPuff

Before 1991 the Chinese Crested dog could be shown in AKC in the Miscellaneous class but could not take breed points.  Since 1991 the Chinese Crested dog has been part of the AKC Toy Group. It is registered with AKC papers, and must conform to the breed standard  and is subject to DNA testing by AKC.  The Chinese crested hairless dogs could then be shown and compete for breed points, but had to compete in the same ring for the same points with its counterpart the Chinese crested powderpuff.

The Chinese cresteds that showed in miscellaneous class before 1991 for the most part looked much different than the Chinese cresteds shown in today’s show ring.  The Chinese Crested breeders as well as the winning choices of the AKC judges have sculpted the pony look we now identify as the Chinese Crested dog.  When the judges favor a certain look the breeders attempt to breed that look to stand a better chance of winning in the show ring causing a breed’s appearance to change.  There is mass confusion in today’s public eye thinking that today’s Chinese crested is a real hairless dog.  As a breeder since 1991 I have watched many changes in the appearance of the hairless dog as it became a hairy hairless dog.

The Crested on the cover of this book “How to raise and train a Chinese Crested” Written by Edita Van der Lyn with assistance from Deborah Wood. Copyrighted in 1964 shows the typical appearance of the breed at that time.  Today there are very few Chinese cresteds born that have that look.  This style of Chinese crested has soft thin skin that feels like silk the ears go up with no problem at all and the body tends to be roached.  They make adorable pets but they would never win in today’s show ring.  The hairless quality is due to the presence of a hairless gene… the symptom of that gene is lack of hair on the body of the dog.  This gene can also attribute to the lack of some teeth with lower k-9’s leaning slightly forward in some mouths. There can be differing degrees of lack of hair on the body. Some hairless dogs have a little hair on the top of the head, the tip of the tail and on the lower leg and foot. Others have hair that has to be groomed to make the hairless appearance. However having no body hair as in a true hairless: Hair in all the right places and little body hair as an ideal hairless:  lots of  hair as in the hairy hairless:  The hairless puppy is totally hairless at birth and carries the hairless gene as well as the puff gene .. The hairless gene is what determines that it is a hairless puppy not the lack of hair on its body – that is just a symptom of the hairless gene.  The hairless Chinese Crested is complete in itself it has a hairless gene and a powderpuff gene and does not need the Powderpuff for any reason.   The Powderpuff can not improve the hairless qualities  in the hairless puppy because hairless qualities are linked with the hairless gene and the Powderpuff does not have one.  The Powderpuff CAN NOT produce a hairless puppy, it can only parent a hairless puppy when breed to a hairless mate and all the hairless qualities then come from the hairless parent.   When having two hairless parent you have two hairless gene pools to pull from and in this way you can improve the quality of the hairless puppy.

Regardless if you breed hairless to puff or hairless to hairless the litter will be a mixture of all types and it has nothing to do with  the way you breed.  The one exception is that two puffs CAN NOT produce a hairless… they will only produce Puffs.  The only thing that breeding puff to hairless will do is give you more puppies.  I know what the SHOW BREEDERS say but they are wrong a hairless dog does not need a puff for anything.    The hairless dog has a hairless gene and a puff gene so they are complete in themselves whereas the puff has only puff genes so breeding hairless to puff does not produce a hairy hairless.  If you want to breed hairless dogs you use both hairless dogs that way you have two dogs to share hairless DNA and improve the hairless puppies by adding two lines of hairless genes to the puppy and that way you can improve the quality of the hairless dog….. hairless to puff breeding you have only one set of hairless genes so you can never better the qualities of your hairless.  The puff parent gives nothing to that hairless puppy in regard to its hairless qualities— not even the teeth.

The reason my dogs are so nice is I follow English Bloodlines and use mostly hairless to hairless breeding.   I love the powderpuffs but I favor the hairless.