Pricing & Shipping

All puppies are evaluated by the AKC Standard and priced according to their individual qualities. Hairless start at $2500.00 and Powderpuffs start at $1200.00. This price list is a Standard pricing but does not always reflect the true value of each puppy.   I add $ for x small and minus $ for too large.  I add $ for Blue eyes.  I charge for Breeding Rights and that comes with FULL AKC registrations.   ALL males without Full AKC registrations and neutered at 8 weeks of age.  I reserve the right to price each puppy to my appraised value.  


You may pick up your puppy or we can ship your puppy.   My preferred method of shipping is that I meet you at the airport where you are introduced to your new family member who joins you as a passenger and flies home with you.

Your puppy can be shipped as live cargo, which means that the airlines has a special cargo unit that is the same as the passenger area and your pet is in a heated climate controlled area for the flight.  The airlines are well equipped and trained to take care of your puppy.  In my 25 years of shipping i have shipped them all over the globe and they always arrive in fine fashion. 

I ship early in the morning and your puppy is home in about 4 to 6 hours.   The cost of shipping is $350.00  which includes the airline approved crate suitable to its size the health certificate required for it to ship and the boarding pass.   

                             The airline I use the most is American and I sometime use Delta or United 


If you are looking for a perfect Chinese Crested puppy you have come the the right place.  Our puppies are guaranteed to please you and fit into your family as that satisfactory addition.   Powderpuff or hairless they are both dynamic in their own class and will give you years of love and dedication.  Call 417-436-2267 if you have any questions about your needs for a new baby.  Or E-Mail BestCrested@Gmail.Com

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