Living with a Chinese Crested-Series

This is a Series of Videos
on and about the Chinese Crested DOG and the Breed. Having lived with them since 1991 and credited with over 100 AKC Champions I consider myself one of the experts on Chinese Crested Facts.

Living with a Chinese Crested

Are YOU looking for a Hairless or a PowderPuff ChineseCrested


birth and care of puppies


judge a healthy puppy

Grooming hairless and puff

Feeding do's and don'ts

what is strange about their teeth

breeders responsibility

Exercise and chew toys

So you want to show your chinesecrested

breeding dos and donts

socalizing your crested

AKC Standard

Skin Color and problems

how cresteds interact with family friends and strangers

what about the ears

The colors of chineseCresteds