Living with a Chinese Crested

You Know What They Say

You are judged by the company you keep and like birds flock together and two popular sayings that we are all familiar with .  How about your dog looks like you or acts like you.   Is there psychological a reason why you choose the breed of dog, size and color you favor .  Your animal companions are reflective of how you see yourselves.  Men who like being seen as tough will get a tough-looking dog which helps them project that image.  It could be a family tradition or the newest fad that inspired you interest in the Chinese Crested but ask yourself…. “What part of me do I see in them” You might even look like your pet so go check you mirror and ask. “why do I want a Chinese Crested?”

You know that not all of us kids are destine to be show dogs because some of us are just too cute for that stuff.  We just want to be the Big kid on the block.

Well there are those that are suited for the show ring and I think we are entitled by our birth right to go to the show.. you know the old saying “The show must go on well I’m ready”

 You did invite me to live with you – didn’t you?  That does make me an equal member of this family – doesn’t it?   I do have a say in matters concerning me – do I not?   So ooooo if I chose that corner of the house as my private potty that is my right now isn’t it?

We like to have friends and we make friends with just about anyone or anything.

My ears should stand up and if they are down it is the first sign that I do not feel very good….  I might be cutting teeth.

We are an extremely intelligent –  we learn fast – and do not forget.  But you have to pay attention to us when we are trying to teach you things.

  I’m the baby you got to love me.  If you get your new pet as a baby he will be at least 8 weeks old and should be treated as a baby not a stuffed toy.  He needs to eat two the three times a day and sleep most of it.   Although he will seem to have energy to waste that is not true.  He needs his own spot like a kennel cab or a doggie bed and know that when he goes there that is his retreat and no one will bothers him there.  Feed him a good quality puppy food and if his teeth are not all in yet a little can puppy food will be to his liking.  Never feed your puppy cow’s milk.  If you want to feed him milk than use Carnation can milk with a little water.  Usually an 8 week old puppy will not need milk unless he is not eating well then I often mix the can milk with baby cereal and they love it.  

All babies are angles but do not forget as he starts to get older and chewing everything in your house he is still that little angel.   It is wise to get toys and chews for your new puppy and encourage him to play with them instead of the socks ane slippers he drags from under your bed.

 Never trust him on a carpet because he can hide things there — like puddles.    When you ask him who did that he will always give you that look …  You don’t really think it was me do you?   

When it comes to training you might begin with paper training….  and see how fast he can make puzzles or confetti out of the paper.  But usually by 8 weeks he has started to learn that one area is for sleep one for eating and one for potty.   The crested is naturally clean and does not want to potty where he lives.

Because the hairless crested is naked most new owners want to dress them up…well in some cases the dog does not mind but for the most part they have to get use to wearing clothes.  Some of them will actually enjoy dressing up but for the most part I have found that they would rather—-

Hide under something when you go for the clothes.

Well, its like this, “I think i like dogfood”

Now on the other hand if we could just sit down and talk this thing through you might see that i have a good point.  Because I think I am an asset to your environment.  Yah,  I know but I said “ASSET’.

We have idle time to think of all the things we can get into.  I can find places to go that you did not even know you had. After all you do not see things from my point of view.

Am I not just the cutest pet you ever had?  I even tolerate you doing this to me.  Your going for a ride?  OF Course I’m going with you.  I love to ride in  OUR car so don’t think for a minute that I got all dressed up and have NO place to go.


People think I look funny but why do they have to touch me?   I just hate that… and by the way I think theylook funny also.

OMG I think I’m geting FAT

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