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The Chinese Crested is a unique breed of dogs.  It has a fully coated dog and a hairless one, both born in the same litter. The coated one is called a Powderpuff and the naked or almost naked one is called a hairless.


The Chinese crested dog is not a manufactured breed, meaning someone did not take two or more existing breeds to product a new breed.  It is classified as a rare breed and in 1991 when I was introduced to them there were only an estimated 400 of them in the US.

I acquired my first hairless girl and she soon became the newest child in my household.  Realizing the pleasure this unique all black hairless child brought into my life I went looking for a male to breed her to so I could share this unique pleasure with others.  

That was like looking for a needle in a haystack.   There was no internet that instantly found anything you were looking for, so it was dog magazine classified adds.  Even then there were no crested adds to be found.  I would have joined a sperm of the month club if I could have found one.  

My first crested came from a Gypsy Rose Lee Bitch that she had given to one of her dancing ladies.   The lady died in a nursing home and my breeder rescued the girl to go with the boy she already had. So it was back to the breeder I went and she finally located a suitable boy for me and my Chinese crested family started to grow.

 In 1993 I started showing my Dog in AKC competition and started collecting a mountain of ribbons and many AKC champions.   At this time I have over 100 AKC Champions to my credit.

If you are looking for that special child to add to your home than always go to a responsible breeder.  There are lots of back yard breeders, breeding cresteds that are not Show quality.  If you want a Quality puppy contact me at 

The unique member and the most in demand of this breed is the Hairless variety.  However it is the part that has changed most in the past 30 years.  The early hairless Chinesecresteds were just that-Hairless.  These are now called ‘True Hairless” and in appearance they look more like the Mexican hairless than they do of the Chinesecresteds that parade around the Show rings of today.  The major reason for this change is that the show judges put what they like and the Breeder Show person breeds to favor the judge.  


Thus the hairless has acquire more body hair to enable them to be groomed to have more flash and thus stands to please the judge who is the sole authority in who gets the points in the show ring.  This has produced what is now know as a “hairy hairless.”

Before 1991 the Chinese Crested dog could be shown in AKC in the Miscellaneous class but could not take breed points.  Since 1991 the Chinese Crested dog has been part of the AKC Toy Group. It is registered with AKC papers, and must conform to the breed standard  and is subject to DNA testing by AKC.  The Chinese crested hairless dogs could then be shown and compete for breed points, but had to compete in the same ring for the same points with its counterpart the Chinese crested powderpuff.


The Chinese cresteds that showed in miscellaneous class before 1991 for the most part looked much different than the Chinese cresteds shown in today’s show ring.  The Chinese Crested breeders as well as the winning choices of the AKC judges have sculpted the pony look we now identify as the Chinese Crested dog.  When the judges favor a certain look the breeders attempt to breed that look to stand a better chance of winning in the show ring causing a breed’s appearance to change.  There is mass confusion in today’s public eye thinking that today’s Chinese crested is a real hairless dog.  As a breeder since 1991 I have watched many changes in the appearance of the hairless dog as it became a hairy hairless dog.

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